Are GPS Package Tracking Devices Better Than AirTags?

In this video, the narrator explores the effectiveness of Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus in tracking stolen cars compared to a dedicated GPS device with LTE connectivity. Both AirTag and SmartTag use ultra-wideband technology, transmitting data across a broad radio bandwidth. AirTag relies on nearby Apple devices to relay its location, while SmartTag does the same with Samsung devices. The dedicated GPS device, equipped with LTE, offers precise tracking and emergency updates.

To test the devices, he enlists his colleague, who drives about 40 kilometers away from Melbourne’s CBD, passing through various checkpoints.

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The devices are mounted on the car’s dashboard, and their accuracy is monitored as he checks in at each point. Notably, in a tunnel, the Apple device experiences delays, while the Samsung and GPS devices perform better.

In the second test, he walks to a random location, and the devices successfully locate him. The conclusion suggests that while AirTag and SmartTag work as trackers, they depend on the availability of nearby devices, making them less reliable than dedicated GPS devices with LTE connectivity, which provide more accurate and consistent tracking. For more information on GPS package tracking devices, make sure you do your research before investing in one for your packages!.

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