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The educational sector has suffered the brunt of the consequences brought on by the ongoing pandemic. If you are a student, you must be having trouble finding suitable materials for studying. Teachers don’t have it easy either since conveying learning aids outside the classroom is challenging. However, online learning platforms have made it much easier for students and teachers alike to experience quality education at the comfort of their homes.

This article will discuss the valuable software and applications to assist you in learning. Here are some solutions to make digital education easier:

What is the Best Software for Learning and Teaching?


Socrative has proven to be a valuable assessment tool for teachers. This educational site helps teachers devise exercises and tests to assess their students’ performance better and figure out a more personalized approach in lectures.

Socrative makes learning fun by allowing teachers to create educational games to increase student interaction. The app also allows teachers to receive constructive feedback in real-time so that they can modify their lectures. By using formative assessment to conduct classes, Socrative helps you clear out misconceptions regarding a topic. It allows teachers to hold open discussions where students can talk to their classmates and actively participate in group discussions.

The accessibility of this app is the best thing about it. You can use it on any device, such as your tablet, laptop, and even smartphones.

Google Classroom

Probably the most popular among the available tools for learning management systems (LMS) is Google Classroom. This software is ideal for teachers who want to create virtual classrooms. You can distribute tasks, go through and grade assessments, and give personal remarks to students on their performance.

Google Classroom allows students to submit their assignments like they would in a typical classroom setting, which enhances accountability and organization. It enables students to access learning materials wherever they are, whenever they want, and without worrying about losing track of the lectures.

The software makes learning interactive and ensures both students and teachers can discuss the topic at hand.


Edmodo is like a social media platform connecting students and teachers across the globe, much like Linkedin. Teachers can form collaborative groups to improve teamwork, distribute academic tasks, and monitor student performance. Edmodo allows teachers to stay in touch with parents and inform them about their kids’ progress in the classroom by sending regular reports about the child to their parents.

Edmodo is an excellent asset in remote learning since it promotes active learning. It encourages students to post their personally created digital content and have online discussions with their classmates.

For teachers, Edmodo offers the added convenience of providing real-time analytics. The software informs them how many students are logged in, have turned in their assignments, and are participating during learning sessions.

The best thing about Edmodo is that it is accessible to everyone. Its mobile accessibility features are easy to use. More importantly, it is free and readily available to its users.

The Best Software for Your Field

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For some students, general applications are insufficient in providing quality education. They require a more targeted learning approach, which brings us to some practical applications for particular fields.

Coursera – Ideal for Sciences

Coursera is an incredible educational tool with 5300+ courses, both certified and uncertified, in a wide range of specializations. The platform is ideal for people who want to study business, social sciences, and health-related subjects.

Coursera has collaborated with around 200+ universities that offer accredited degrees through this application. You can always learn at your own pace, and there are no deadlines to meet.

The cost of the courses is relatively lower. You can even take them for free.

Adobe Creative Suite – The Go-To App for Digital Media

Whether you are new to graphic design or a professional in the industry, Adobe applications invite you to learn.

This software offers extensive features and cutting-edge technology to professional designers and illustrators. It is commonly used in graphic design companies by expert web developers, editors, photographers, and creative designers.

Adobe’s creative cloud offers industry-based solutions to your needs and makes learning more manageable by providing students training courses. For students, it grants a 60% discount to render all-inclusive software to learning graphic designing.

Skillshare – An App for Life Skills

Skillshare is a fantastic tool for acquiring different useful skills. The online platform offers courses on technology, arts, lifestyle, and business. While certificates are unavailable after course completion, you will still be able to use the skills you learn in everyday life.

The application has many fantastic tutorials, workshops, and live sessions in a variety of niches. You can improve your marketing skills, learn cooking hacks, and even learn to draw digitally with just a few clicks.

Some of these courses are free, while some require paid subscriptions. But one thing is for sure — they are all worth it.


Learning has undeniably become more complex over the past year. With educational sectors closing down worldwide to contain the COVID-19 virus, educators are looking for the ideal software to continue teaching in the best way possible.

All of us need to join in finding solutions and adapting to the current crisis. Whether you are a teacher, student, or parent, you need to invest in a reliable online learning portal.

So, pick one of the listed applications to help create a more conducive environment for learning.

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