Digital Innovations Helping the Content Marketing Sector

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The marketing industry has been growing gradually for the last few years. Currently, the industry is standing on a high compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14%. This is significant growth if you consider that the industry is valued at a staggering $36 million. One of the main reasons for the growth of this industry is the digital innovations we make every day. These digital innovations have made the content marketing industry the million-dollar market we know today. Here are some digital innovations that are currently making content marketing grow by a substantial level.


Machine learning programs play a big role in our society today. From analyzing data to correcting grammar, this digital innovation can do many human processes in a blink of an eye. One of the industries that it’s currently playing a big role in is the marketing sector. Here are some ways machine learning is helping the content marketing industry more efficiently with its work.

Writing Tools

If you’ve been in marketing for quite some time, you’ll know that content marketing plays a big part in promoting products and services online. One of the significant aspects of content marketing is blogging. Blogging can be very effective when utilized well. Many companies today use the quantity over quality approach. However, robust digital writing tools that can make blogs more engaging while also checking the grammar, quantity, and quality are now found in many articles today.

These writing tools wouldn’t be possible without machine-learning programs, which have improved throughout the years. As machine-learning programs learn more from the data they receive from writing, they can correct grammar and find effective ways to keep an article engaging. Although these machine-learning programs are still far away from creating articles themselves, their development has made writing tools more reliable.

Many content marketing companies, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), rely on these writing tools because this helps them increase the quality of their work without affecting the quantity. With writing tools like Grammarly, they can create blogs in less time because the software checks the grammar of each article while also suggesting ways to keep the article more interesting. The less time they utilize when creating blogs, the more time they have to create more.

Survey Analytics

Surveys play a big role in captivating a target audience, making them an essential tool for any marketer. However, it can be very challenging and time-consuming to interpret thousands of surveys answered by consumers. Machine-learning programs have helped streamline this process.

Many known survey sites such as Survey Monkey use survey analytic programs to give results back to clients. Some of these results can include performance matrices that can help determine whether the feedback is negative or positive depending on consumer answers. Furthermore, results are fairly easy to read, drastically reducing the time needed to interpret them and use them as marketing material.

Video Programs

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Videos are one essential piece of content when it comes to content marketing. It has one of the highest engagement rates when compared to other content in the industry. However, there are real challenges when it comes to creating and playing these videos. But further advancements in digital technology have helped address these challenges, creating a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

HTML 5 Video Player

The HTML program is one of the essential coding programs for many websites on the internet. It continues to improve over time and has developed new ways to stream and watch videos with very few performance issues—one of the more recent HTML 5 Video Player developments.

Various visitors had problems with watching videos on sites that aren’t video streaming sites. HTML 5 has helped reduce the lag that these videos produce while also increasing video quality and performance. Furthermore, some of these videos, which may come in ads, can now play in the background while the user scrolls through the site. This particular program has increased the already high engagement rate of videos online.


When it comes to creating video content, animation is king. Robust animation software has been developed throughout the years, but nothing comes close to a free animation program known as Blender.

A blender is an animation tool used by many 2d and 3d animation developers, and because of its constant updates, the program has become as good as paid animation tools. It has also catered to all kinds of creative animations that you see in many video ads nowadays. Because of accessibility, content marketing companies also use this to create their own video ads on their sites.

Digital innovations happen all the time, which is one of the main reasons why content marketing has grown so much throughout the years. These innovations have made it possible to increase the efficiency of content creation while also creating better quality content. These innovations are also just a small part of an already growing roster of content marketing products. Try them out for yourself and see how they can help your marketing company over time.

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