E-Commerce in the Time of COVID-19

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It is safe to say that the global health crisis has already become a defining moment in history. Experts have agreed that its implications will be felt throughout this decade. All sectors of the economy are experiencing major changes that need to be addressed properly to ensure the stability and survival of the businesses.

Small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses are especially at risk during these trying times. Developing new strategies is important in keeping your online store afloat and in making sure your employees have job security. But failing to understand the current situation’s impact on e-commerce might result in short-term solutions that will harm your business in the long-term.

Knowledge is the key to preparing your business for the new normal. Find out how COVID-19 has affected consumer behavior to develop the appropriate solutions for your business.

The Health and Safety of Online Shopping

Although online shopping seems like the safest form of consumerism during a pandemic, the general public is questioning this assumption. Surface contamination is a worry that is plaguing most consumers’ minds when they think of e-commerce. With experts claiming that the virus can live on surfaces, your shoppers might be hesitant to order online for the time being.

However, these studies also claim that the virus can only survive from three hours to three days on surfaces. With most delivery systems slowing down, it is highly unlikely for contamination to occur through your packages. Additionally, shipping conditions make it difficult for the virus to survive for long.

Reassure your customers by informing them of the steps you are taking to ensure the health and safety of their packages. This can be as simple as uploading your packaging process on your website or social media channels. You can also send a newsletter to inform them of how you are adapting to the current situation.

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Solutions for the New Normal

Right now, no one is certain how long the current situation will last. Although many experts claim that its effects will last for years to come. Preparing for this scenario early on will help you adapt to changes in the near future.

  1. Understand What Your Audience Wants Right Now

Use the data and analytics your hired digital marketing firm provides you with to understand your customers’ current concerns. It is not the time to push sales, promos, and discounts on them unless these address their needs.

  1. Create Something New for the Situation

Businesses all over the world are doing their part to help improve the situation, even if these efforts are a step away from their usual products and services. If you have the means to do so, consider developing new products that address current needs.

  1. Expect These Changes to Last

There is very little evidence at the moment to suggest that the world will be going back to normal anytime soon after the pandemic. Most experts are preparing for the ‘new normal’ once the situation has been controlled. Take this into consideration when you develop new business strategies.

Protect your business and everyone involved during this global health crisis. Now is the time for a change. Learn how you can tweak your business strategies to adapt to the socioeconomic changes brought on by COVID-19.

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