Going Green in Business: Seven Ways to Promote Sustainability in Your Tech Business

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When we talk about the environment and technology, what comes to mind? It looks like both entities are intertwined, as technological advancement has led to environmental degradation. It’s safe to say that modern technology has long been hurting the planet Earth.

In recent years, however, there has been a strong push for sustainability in business. The goal is to sustain a company for the long term without necessarily harming the environment. And this idea of going green applies to tech businesses as well.

If you’re launching or running a tech business, you must have environmental protection initiatives in mind and sustainability strategies in place. Here’s how to promote sustainability in your tech business:

1. Recycling waste products

There’s no denying how much waste products companies produce worldwide. Think of various industries that have contributed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As a tech business, you don’t want to send your wastes to landfills and add to the world’s wastes. That said, the best course of action is to recycle your waste products. Know that about 60 percent of your rubbish can still be recycled. Either create recycling machinery or send some of your unused products to recycling companies.

2. Opting for sustainable materials

There is a strong push for using sustainable materials in different businesses from various industries. And this applies to your tech business as well. That said, draw some inspiration from some top companies in the world that are resorting to sustainability. For one, Lego uses plant-based materials to create its products. Dell also replaces the use of foam with bamboo cushion and Styrofoam with mushroom spores. Lastly, Samsung has recently released ‘green’ mobile phones. These phones are made of corn starch bioplastic with energy-efficient chargers and recyclable packages.

3. Repurposing materials

Tech companies are using various materials for their production. Some of these raw materials get wasted and sent to landfills. Other products that haven’t met quality standards get immediately tossed out. Instead of wasting these materials, why not reuse or repurpose them? Doing so will not only help your business implement sustainability. It will also reduce your expenditures and increase your bottom line. Why? No materials get wasted!

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4. Utilizing renewable energy sources

As a tech business, helping save the environment must be on top of your mind. And one way to do so is to start using renewable energy sources. Stop using fossil fuels in your production and avoid contributing to global gas emissions. Instead, consider alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, water, biomass, and geothermal energy. Plus, invest in energy-efficient equipment and machinery, so you can reduce your energy consumption and save up on your monthly utility bills. Ultimately, heed the growing call to switch from traditional energy sources to alternative ones for sustainability.

5. Going digital and reducing tangibles

It’s best to start going digital in your business processes and applications whenever possible. As a tech business, this step is highly plausible since digitalization has taken traction in business. That said, go ahead and reduce the use of tangible materials and equipment in your production. Instead, focus on digital innovations like automation, artificial intelligence, and even robotics. Ultimately, producing less tangible materials will help you preserve the environment.

6. Partnering with green agencies

In recent years, green agencies have sprouted to assist companies and organizations. These institutions have the vision and mission to carve environmental awareness and promote sustainability in business. That said, it’s best to partner with some of these agencies like the World Wildlife Fund, EarthFirst, Greenpeace, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. While at it, strive to get environmental management systems certification. Aligning your tech business with sustainability will give your business a competitive edge in the long run.

7. Educate consumers about going green

The last on the list is to educate your consumers. As a tech business, you don’t just focus on growing your business and increasing your profitability. Know that you have a social responsibility to carve environmental awareness among your consumers. Take this from Nokia that once had a massive internet campaign about its e-waste program. As a tech business, consider implementing a ‘green’ campaign and get your consumers involved.

At this point, you now know how to promote sustainability in your tech business. All it takes is to recycle waste products, use sustainable materials, and repurpose used materials. Also, be sure to utilize renewable energy sources, start going digital, and educate consumers on sustainability. All these crucial steps will help align your business with green initiatives. Ultimately, doing so will help grow and sustain your tech business in the long run.

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