Personalized Service: How AI Boosts Customer Experience

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Business is all about service. But even with equal service from two providers, the ability to provide a personalized customer experience can make you a winner in business. Take for example in a restaurant setting. A great way to convert a one-time diner into a loyal patron in a restaurant is to get on a personal level.

By establishing a personal connection, you establish loyalty. A recent study shows that a better customer experience generates as much as $823 million over a three-year span for a restaurant with $1 billion yearly revenue. And at the heart of it all is personalized service.

What many businesses today may not realize is that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a central role in achieving such personalized service. Even better, AI can do without the traditionally expensive price tag that is attached to the technology.

Future of Work report indicated that roughly 39% of leaders in the IT industry are putting their faith in AI in their respective companies. An additional 33% are also expecting to make the most of AI in the upcoming three years while 19% see AI as central in the next five years.

If you’re still on the fence, not sure how AI can transform your business, fret not. We’re showing you ways in this article how machine learning can be instrumental in providing personalized service and shooting your business sales up through the roof.

Foster a Better Understanding of the Customer

A deeper understanding of your customers can be the bridge to help you serve them better. However, being able to find patterns amongst an ever-widening set of data points can be a herculean task, if not largely impossible for humans. That’s where AI comes in.

AI combined with machine learning to collate historical, behavioral, and social data can breed a greater understanding of your clients. Before, this job was done by a host of traditional data analytics software. While these codes did a brilliant job years before, they fall short on what AI can do. Artificial Intelligence can continuously learn and improve from analyzed data. In doing so, it can anticipate with greater accuracy customer behavior.

In the long run, this can allow your brand to come up with more relevant content while keeping the customer journey as seamless as possible. In doing so, client-facing units in a business (e.g., marketing, customer service, sales) delivers a more personalized type of service.

It’s no accident CRM platforms (e.g., Zoho, Salesforce Einstein, C2CRM) have made the most of AI in providing superior customer-related functionality. That way these CRMs are more capable today to deliver real-time decision-making and predictive analysis.

In addition, AI has been central in allowing product experience management software to come up with a better strategy to boost customer experience. By monitoring customer feedback and collating these data points amongst other data points, such software give you a greater understanding of your customers and their unique experience with your product. In short,  it allows you to improve your customer’s product experience.

Predictive Behavior Analysis and Real-time Decisioning

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It’s hard for us to make a decision based on limited data points. But if you’re pressed to the wall, you will have to come up with one in real time or your brand’s reputation can be at stake.

Such real-time decision-making allows AI to stand out. To a large extent, this can be very helpful if you’re into fraud prevention. A good example here is Decision-AI which can assess a particular event in real-time and come up with a real-time decision within a 200-millisecond response time or less.

AI can come up with more personalized content recommendations. By analyzing customer intent based on the customer responses in real-time, more relevant content that caters to the needs of the customer visiting a website can be presented.

Another key area is predictive analytics. By crunching a huge amount of data and working with statistics and behavior models, AI can make bold predictions. What makes AI so stunning is the speed by which it arrives at actionable insights. In the long run, it allows a brand to better interact with customers next time.

Such ability to come up with predictive engagement connects all the dots related to the customer. It provides deeper insights and allows brands to facilitate the next sale by providing more appropriate suggestions and recommendations.

AI Chatbots to the Fore

Arguably, chatbots are the leading means AI is helping businesses. This has been confirmed by a survey done on 1,004 business leaders called 2020 MIT Technical Review. The study shows that businesses look forward to delegating the chatbot job to an AI.

Though many pundits still believe humans are the best communicators, AI chatbots are practically changing the landscape. And the results are nothing but stunning. For one, when it comes to invoice management and order tracking, AI chatbots get the job done twice to thrice faster with greater accuracy.

Moreover, these AI-powered chatbots can give a more personalized offer by analyzing customer history and responses. Plus, AI chatbots don’t get tired. They work 24/7 365 days of the year. That should tell you AI is a great addition to your business today.

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