How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home: Tools You Can Use

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Despite the advancements in technology, lousy Wi-Fi signals are a common occurrence in most households worldwide — and if you’re one of the many homeowners experiencing this issue, thankfully, there’s a quick fix. You can use several tools to give your Wi-Fi signals a boost and get back on track.

If you have important research work or critical papers to finish related to your work, you’ll need a stable and solid internet connection wherever you may be. Additionally, you’ll need a secure network to ensure the privacy of the high-level and most likely proprietary information you are viewing. You should also have the right equipment or instruments to do your job properly. Trusted solutions providers such as Pion Inc. can help you with this.

Here are some of the best tools and ways to optimize your network:

Use Latest Wi-Fi Technology

To take advantage of the current Wi-Fi technologies to enhance home Wi-Fi signals, you need to ensure your router and gadgets support them. When choosing a new router with support for IEEE 802.11ac, it’s best to splurge a little and go for versions with modern features like MU-MIMO, gigabit Ethernet ports, and replaceable antennas.

Buy a Better Antenna

Most routers usually come with tiny and weak antennas. That’s because receptive and robust Wi-Fi antennas tend to be massive, and no homeowner would want a gigantic antenna disrupting their spaces. Compared to the typical antenna that comes with a regular router, which is usually only a few inches tall and has 4dB gain, a robust 10-dB gain antenna is around 10 to 15 inches tall. However, if you don’t mind the large size, a 10-dB antenna is a great way to give your Wi-Fi a boost at home.

Aside from the size, speed, and strength, there are several types of Wi-Fi antennas you can choose from. The best one you can get is the ‘rubber duck’ antenna, which is a short electrical monopole antenna, consisting of a springy wire with a narrow helix shape usually sealed in rubber or plastic. These use similar RP-SMA connectors, allowing you to achieve ideal signal distribution.

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Update Router Firmware

Before tweaking things to give your Wi-FI signals a boost, it’s best to update your router beforehand. That’s because these devices’ manufacturers are typically always improving software to get a bit more speed. How easy or hard it is to upgrade a router’s firmware largely depends on its manufacturer and model.

Most latest routers have the update process built-in to their administration interface. If this is the case for you, all you need to do is hit the firmware upgrade button. Meanwhile, for other models, especially if they’re the older kind, you need to manually download a firmware file from the manufacturer’s website and upload it to the administration surface. Although it can be a lengthy process, it’s a simple fix that anyone can do.

Buy an Extender

Wi-Fi extenders are straightforward gadgets that take existing signals from your router and rebroadcast it as a different network, serving as the ‘extension’ of your primary network, leading all data to go through it and the main network. They amplify existing signals before rebroadcasting the network. To get the best results when using Wi-Fi extenders, use a Wi-Fi extender to analyze existing coverage and see the best way to extend your existing network.

Go for 5 GHz

The latest 5GHz wireless frequency offers faster data rates at shorter distances and usually has less traffic than the standard 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. If your router supports 5GHz, consider switching to it for a quick speed boost. The only downside of using a 5GHz wireless frequency is that it can’t penetrate solid objects like 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, providing huge inconveniences in office buildings and crowded residential areas.

That’s why it’s best to use 5GHz in conjunction with your 2.4GHz — giving you the best of both worlds.

Wi-Fi signals are notorious for being fickle; you’re enjoying strong Wi-Fi, the next it drops one bar. It’s unreliable and though it’s unpredictable, using any of the tools mentioned gives you the upper hand of boosting signal strength, allowing you to get access to decent signals whenever.

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