How to Leverage Technology to Make Staying Home Easier

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The pandemic compelled people to stay inside the home since it is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Companies supported the move by letting their employees work from home. While the situation is bearable for a few weeks, it may affect the mental and physical wellbeing of an individual if it extends for months on end. This is particularly true for anyone who lives alone.

Fortunately, technology is coming to the rescue. Current technologies can reduce any feelings of loneliness and depression since they help people stay connected. Here are some ways people can leverage technology to make staying home easier for anybody.


A mobile device or computer with an internet connection allows people to connect with family and friends anywhere in the world. The pandemic highlighted the importance of this technology since people with comorbidities were compelled to stay home to avoid getting sick.

Technology allowed them to remain connected with other people even though they were not in the same place. Videoconferencing software facilitated this since it allowed people to talk face-to-face virtually. Additionally, it allowed people to maintain their connection with people who are close to them even if they were not living in the same state.

Additionally, the technology also allowed people to go on virtual dates and even play games with other people virtually. All of these activities promoted camaraderie and allowed them to strengthen the bond that they had even in the middle of the pandemic.


The popularity of food delivery apps increased during the pandemic. More people were ordering through these apps instead of going out and buying food themselves. The shelter-in-place of many states around the country only increased the use of these apps as many restaurants closed when the pandemic started. These apps allowed people to continue enjoying the food they used to eat before the pandemic started.

Similarly, people also started using grocery-delivery apps to have groceries delivered to their homes. The number of users of these apps increased as people opted to order their groceries online rather than taking a trip to the grocery to buy their produce themselves. The demand was so high that new grocery delivery apps started to emerge to meet the demand.

Exercising and Staying Healthy

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Finding the motivation to exercise while staying home is challenging. But people need to stay active so they can stay healthy. Aside from maintaining a healthy weight, exercising also strengthens the immune system and allows it to fight infections.

Current technology allows people to access virtual exercise classes. While some of these classes require a subscription, many of them are free. People can select the programs they want to join. They can perform yoga, strength and conditioning classes, and cardio programs.

Aside from exercising, people can also consult their doctor through telemedicine. This is particularly important for people who have some medical conditions that make them susceptible to severe cases if they get infected with Covid-19.

To get the most from their online consultations, people can get a custom-made all-in-one computer that has all the bells and whistles to allow the doctor to get a better idea of the person’s health. It may also allow the doctor to decide if the person should visit the hospital or clinic for tests.


When the pandemic started, amusement parks all over the country closed to prevent the spread of the virus. But these entertainment venues did not take this sitting down as they started offering virtual experiences to their customers. Many of these parks featured their most popular rides on these virtual experiences and allowed people to escape for a while from the shelter-in-place life.

Zoos and museums also closed to visitors to slow down the spread of the virus. But many zoos and museums started virtual tours of their facilities to people around the country. These places included Getty Museum and the California Science Museum. These virtual tours also allowed people to visit the zoos and museums of other cities and states even if they have not visited these places before.

The pandemic also forced movie theaters to close. Movie producers also moved the release dates of movies scheduled for release after the pandemic started. Despite this, many producers also decided to release some movies online instead of movie the release date. Concerts of popular bands and music groups also aired their events virtually. This allowed fans to watch their favorite bands and music groups perform even in the middle of the pandemic.

The pandemic compelled people to stay at home. But technology allowed them to make their shelter-in-place situation tolerable and easier to handle.

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