Latest Innovations to Keep Pests Away


Pest control has always been one of the biggest concerns of homeowners. Using conventional methods of controlling pests may allow you to keep pests at bay. But you have to be consistent in implementing these pest measures to ensure the home remains free of pests.

But innovations in technology can improve the pest control efforts of homeowners. Technology makes it easier for them to eliminate pests in the home. Here are some ways technology can help homeowners in their struggle in keeping their homes free of pests.

Using the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices and machines that homeowners can access using their mobile devices or a voice assistant. The IoT has made life easier for homeowners since it allows them to control different devices in the house through verbal commands. They can play music, watch a movie, or even turn on the air conditioning system by simply telling the voice assistant to do so.

Developments in technology allow homeowners to install traps and other devices that can monitor the presence of pests in the house. These devices have pheromone dispensers to attract pests and camera-enabled traps to catch pests in the house. These devices can also use lures for a variety of insects, including attractants for Asian tiger mosquitoes.

While some devices have standalone features, linking the devices to the IoT allows it to collect information that the homeowner can send to pest control professionals. This allows these professionals to determine the level of infestation in the home and work on strategies to deal with them.

Some monitoring systems even use drones that have thermal imaging technology to survey the property. They can provide detailed information on the level of infestation in the house. Collecting and collating the information allows pest control professionals to design better traps to help homeowners with pest issues.

Controlling the Population

Another thing that homeowners aim to work on when it comes to pest control is to control the population of pests in their homes. Controlling the pest population reduces the use of pesticides in the home.

Birth control measures for pests normally use radiation to sterilize the insects while in the larval stage. Once these pests mature and grow to become adults, they cannot reproduce. Due to this, the population of these pests will go down.

Birth control measures for rats are different since it does not use radiation. In its place, pest control professionals will use baits containing contraceptives. When the rats and other rodents eat the bait, the contraceptive will reduce the ability of these rats to reproduce by hindering their ability to produce egg cells. Since pests normally adapt to their situation, homeowners need to use the latest innovations to eliminate pests in their homes.


Using Innovative Fly Lights

Fly lights have been used for a long time to deal with flies and other flying insects in the home. But innovations on the device that came out over a century ago allow homeowners to use them without worrying about how they will affect the aesthetics of their homes. Continuous enhancements on these devices may result in more people using them. These enhancements will focus on their appearance and the efficacy of the device in dealing with flying pests.

Using Eco-Friendly Products

The use of green products in pest control was initially focused on preventing health issues among homeowners. But this has changed as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is looking into the effects of these products on the environment. The agency even recommends manufacturers register their products unless these products meet the minimum requirements of the agency that allows their exemption.

Eco-friendly products have been in the market for a long time. And recent advances have increased the efficacy of these products, and they are using better ingredients. Additionally, they have lesser disadvantages compared to earlier versions.

For instance, earlier versions of pest control products used essential oils that emitted unpleasant smells. But newer versions removed the unpleasant smell while increasing their efficacy and decreasing their effect on the environment.

Using Trained Canines

One recent innovation in pest control is the use of trained canines. These canines can detect the presence of pests in the home, including termites and bed bugs. These dogs were originally trained to sniff out rabbits. But they can smell the eggs of these pets along with the live bugs. These pest-detecting canines are also a welcome addition to the home of any dog lover.

Controlling the pests at home is a challenging task for homeowners. But the task may become easier with the latest innovations in the industry.

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