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Everyone wants to be viral. To be viral on the internet means having thousands, if not millions, of eyes watching you. For businesses, this can turn into a significant increase in customers and profit. The tactic, which has been dubbed as “viral marketing,” is an effective and inexpensive way to spread a message online to a wider audience. It, however, is not easy to do. Sometimes, attempts to do viral marketing falls flat and do not get the attention it intends to get. Here is how you can run a successful viral marketing campaign:

Hire Experienced Marketers

Going viral is not easy, whether you are an individual or a brand. It is not something that just anyone can do. 

What you need to do is to hire an expert to run your campaign. You can find a digital marketing agency in key cities, including in Phoenix. An experienced marketer can predict what kind of content will be noticed by the public. Nowadays, with so many other brands trying to gain recognition, it is difficult to stand out. An experienced marketer can cut through the noise and deliver a message that the audience will respond to. 

Know Your Audience

You cannot effectively communicate a message if you do not know your audience. Who are your customers? 

To create content that will go viral, you have to have a thorough understanding of your target market. You have to identify what interests them, what scares them, what their motivations are, and what makes them happy or sad. Most of all, how can you convince them to buy your products and services? 

You can find out information about your target marketing by visiting the sites and apps that they frequent. Go to the platform’s “Trending” pages and see the types of content that people are sharing. You can also use services like CrowdTangle which identifies the internet’s biggest moments, whether it is a piece of breaking news or a viral hit. 

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Make an Emotional Connection

Your campaign must elicit a reaction that will compel your audience to take action. In this case, you want them to share your content with their family and friends (helping you reach more people) and buy your products and services. This will not be easy. Knowing your audience is necessary for you to achieve an emotional response. 

Inject different emotions into your campaign to effectively convey a message so that it will resonate with your audience and increase its chances of going viral. 

Do Not Make it Look Like an Ad

Your content must have a practical value to your audience, not just an ad for a product. People will not share content that does not enrich their daily lives. For example, users are more likely to click a video on YouTube that offers useful tips that also feature a product or service and then post it on their social media profiles to show their friends and family members. 

Timing is Key

Public opinion changes all the time. For content to be viral, it has to be relevant to what subject or topic that is currently occupying everyone’s minds. You have to be up to date with what is hot in pop culture right now, like which memes are being shared right now on popular social media platforms or which celebrity everyone is talking about. You need to find these things so that you can tailor your campaign on what is happening NOW, not what happened yesterday. 

While all these tips might help you gain traction, remember not to lose sight of your brand and the message you are trying to convey. 

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