Mind Games in Marketing: The Psychology of Effective Packaging

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A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect packaging for your products. First, you need to consider the practicality of your packaging. Is it suited for the type of product you’re selling? Can it keep the contents protected from intrusion? Are the materials safe for consumers?

But aside from these types of practical considerations, the color, shape, and even the tactile features of your packaging must be deeply considered. Although these features seem purely cosmetic in value, they actually induce psychological effects on people, which may give your products an edge over competitors.

Bright Colors, Eager Customers

Never discount the effect of impulse buying. How many people you know buy products on the spur of the moment? They might have been under the influence of these product’s colors. According to research discovered that there’s an actual neural response triggered by seeing attractive product packaging. This neural activity is responsible for impulse buying.

But how can you cause this response among shoppers? One trick might be to use bright and shiny colors on your packaging. Specific colors are known to represent certain emotions and feelings, showcasing the right one could inspire a shopper to pick up your product instead.

Alternatively, you could use machinery provided by companies such as SBL to put shiny foil labels on your products. The glimmer of foil can attract the attention of buyers and make it more likely that they’ll pick up your product.

The Right Shape for the Right Buyers

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There’s a practical reason for putting your products in rectangular or square-shaped containers. For starters, they’re easy to stack. For another, they’re stable shapes. But are you aware that people aren’t so hot on rectilinear shapes?

According to a study conducted by the University of California, people preferred curves more than rigid lines when judging items for their beauty. If you want to captivate potential buyers, consider shifting from rigid and stale square packaging designs.

But how can you achieve such packaging? First, you have to talk to designers who can whip up concepts of packaging that’s both curvy and practical. Once you land on a reasonable design, get reliable equipment that can produce these non-standard packages.

Touch Marketing

It’s not just the sight of your product packaging that affects would-be buyers. When someone picks up your product, the touch and weight of your product could be enough to persuade or dissuade them from buying. According to research compiled by the Harvard Business Review, several businesses are aware of these effects and actively use it to promote their products.

For example, a retailer specializing in linens and curtains would build their shopping experience around tactile experiences. Customers are encouraged to feel the silkiness of their merchandise and the smoothness of their sheets.

Brainstorm a way to make your product an interesting tactile experience. Foil embossing is one excellent way of achieving that. The glossy finish and the smooth feel of foil sends a message that your product is classy and elegant. Pay attention to the weight of your product as well. Customers may think that a light product could be less than its value.

Product packaging is not just a way of protecting your merchandise. It’s also how you draw customers in. Using bright colors, the right touch, and the perfect shape could put your product into their shopping carts.

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