Post-pandemic Travel: Must-Have Gadgets for Your Most Awaited Trip

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With the pandemic going rampant for quite some time now, you can’t be blamed for daydreaming about leaving everything behind and hopping on the first flight once this is all over. Seeing the same four corners of your house every single day can be really tiring. Everyone can’t wait to get out of their houses and travel the world. But who said it’s only just for daydreaming?

According to Our World in Data, 40.8% of the world population has already undergone Covid-19 vaccination. And with an average of 31.21 million doses of vaccine administered daily, the end of this health crisis is starting to become a reality.

With this in mind, now is clearly the perfect time for you to plan your long-awaited vacation carefully. And to help you work on it, here are four must-have post-pandemic gadgets that will certainly make your trip fun and four bonus gadgets for your convenience and safety


Music is an essential part of any trip. Whether it’s in-flight or while you’re sipping mojitos by the beach, everything gets better with the right tune. These two gadgets should be considered to make sure you’re always in the right mood.

  1. Outdoor Surround Sound Speakers

    The best things to do during a vacation are always the ones accompanied by music. Whether you’re drinking by the pool, relaxing at the beach, or resting after a long hike, playing your favorite songs with the crew is always going to be fun. And the best way to do that is by bringing your own outdoor speakers.

    Choosing the perfect speakers for your trip is also very important. If you’re planning to be close to a body of water throughout, then make sure you have a waterproof sound system. Wi-Fi accessible speakers are good for when you travel to cities with a free internet connection. But you can also never go wrong with something as simple as your typical pocket-size Bluetooth speakers if music isn’t a priority in your budget.

  2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

    Flights can be restless. Staying at hostels can be noisy. Sharing a room with your loud friends is probably not good if you’re not a night owl. Noise-canceling headphones solve all these problems in an instant. You don’t have to worry about that crying baby by the aisle and just sleep through all the turbulence while listening to your favorite bands. You can doze off pretty easily without hearing the loud snores of the foreign man on the upper bunk. And you can just zone everyone out and replay that beautiful view in your head with zero distractions.

    Having headphones on vacation is crucial to your enjoyment, especially when you just want to be alone and reflect, like the main character you are.

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Traveling will never be complete without taking photos. How else are you going to brag about it online or relive the memories during lockdowns? For the utmost convenience and optimal photography and videography, these two gadgets should be on your shopping list.

  1. Hands-free Cameras

    The era of hand-held cameras is almost over. How can you truly enjoy the moment if you’re always holding a camera in front of your face? In addition, most mobile phones nowadays are on par with digital cameras. In a world where video bloggers on vacations get paid huge amounts for their travel content, getting your own hands-free action camera can also help you get rich.

    There are already multiple wearable action cameras that you can choose from. There are waterproof clip-on cameras that weigh just around two ounces. Spectacle cameras have also been invented for a more POV type of approach to videography.  Some cameras can be as tiny as a thumb with a weight of just 0.65 ounces and can be mounted on a necklace or even a collar, so your dog can be a part of your film crew as well.

  1. East-to-carry Drones

    If you’re going to take videos during your trip, there’s nothing better than using drones to capture the beauty of the whole place. Getting light and easy-to-carry drones is better to avoid the hassle.
    Whether you’re a drone enthusiast, first-time pilot, or professional, you have to do your research intensively before buying one because many options are available.
    Pro-Tip: Check the must-have drone accessories and their uses. Sometimes, it all boils down to how well the accessories complement the main gadget.

Having fun is important, but security and convenience should be considered as well.

Make sure to pack universal and all-in-one plug adapters. You never know when you’ll need them. Power banks and portable chargers are also a must-have, especially if you’re planning to stay outdoors most of the time.

Getting pocket-size portable water filters is also necessary for your safety since water is essential and clean water can sometimes be hard to come by when you travel. Smart suitcases can also be beneficial since they are fingerprint-secured and have GPS and alarm systems. Lastly, always turn on your GPS no matter what, so in case you get lost, there will always be a way to find you.


From finding comfort in music to capturing adventures in high-definition, you can have a whale of a time with these gadgets and make your much-anticipated post-pandemic trip worthwhile. Now that you have these tech essentials and restored confidence in travel, you can cross more items off your bucket list.

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