Redefining the Workplace: The Role of Technology in Remote Work

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While the pandemic is still ongoing, businesses still need to operate. Thankfully, technologies that allow people to work from home are available. They are all experiencing a boom right now, but they have been around for some time. In recent years, they have been a big help for those who usually couldn’t go to the office. For example, a service-disabled veteran running a small business could run their entire operation from the comfort of their own home with these technologies. If you or your company are thinking of implementing working from home or want better performance, here are a few technologies to take note of.

Better Wi-Fi

The very foundation of working from home is based around a good internet connection. Your employees would not be as effective as they would be if they had a slow or bad connection. Wi-Fi was one of the solutions to the limitations of a home connection. But adaptive Wi-Fi takes it a step further. Instead of just a steady transmission of bandwidth, an adaptive Wi-Fi setup monitors usage and changes coverage to adapt. Additionally, it isn’t limited to a specific area. It will cover an entire home and provide the best possible connection at the right time. For example, if someone works from 9 to 5 in their study, then the home network will provide the necessary connection to that area. With monitoring, the network would be able to track what sort of connection is needed and provide that.

Data Security

Another essential technology that allows for working from home is improved data security. While a lot of security hinges on proper procedure, there is also the need for several tools that will help secure a home computer for work. One of the more popular ones is the use of a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs allow a computer to connect to the company’s servers and encrypt all the traffic between the two. There are many VPN services out there, and partnering up with one can ensure a company has protection from a lot of online security threats.

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Improved Communications and Video Calling

When working from home, it is vital that a team should be able to communicate well with each other. One of the big winners of the pandemic was Zoom because of its ability to allow for video calls. Video meetings have become an overwhelmingly important part of the work from home experience. A lot of businesses depend on face-to-face meetings, and Zoom has allowed that despite the pandemic restrictions. Many home workers will be using video calls to have gatherings and updates.

Additionally, employees don’t always have to communicate via video. Messaging apps and e-mail are potential tools for keeping in touch. Instant messages are the more popular choice since they allow for immediate answers to messages from fellow employees. They also let workers inquire directly from their colleagues instead of waiting for an e-mail.

Digital Help

There is a lot of work on some people’s plates. For those who work from home, they don’t have assistants handy. Fortunately, there are several digital assistant products out there. The most popular ones are Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Echo, but there are others. Their main job is to do all of the low-level work that can distract an employee. For example, they can send e-mails and make calls with a simple voice command. This can also be done on a schedule. This is a good thing if a person needs to send out hundreds of e-mails a day. Besides that, if connected with smart devices around the house, they can allow someone to focus on their work. Automated devices with minimal input would handle household duties like cooking and cleaning.

Platforms for Project Management

Project management platforms are also a popular technology nowadays. These platforms allow business owners to set up tasks for their employees so that they can easily update them. For example, managers can assign tasks at the beginning of the day. They then don’t have to wait for calls or e-mails from their subordinates. A simple check of the platform informs them of the status of the task and what their employee is currently doing. This keeps everything on track and ensures projects are running on schedule.

Working from home allows for great freedom for a lot of people. With the technologies above, you can ensure that your employees and yourself are as productive as they should be. In the future, even with the pandemic over, work can be revolutionized with the help of the right tools.

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