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For the past few years, a growing number of smart home devices are entering the market, making houses a better space to live in. If you’re a homeowner who’s looking to invest in home automation, you’re at the right place. Today, we’re sharing a useful list of our favorite types of smart home devices that you should absolutely check out. Check them out below!

  1. Home appliances

Smart home appliances have made tons of households more efficient, convenient, and safer for many families. Various innovations in modern technology provided us with better safety features and extensive functionalities to operate our appliances.

For instance, LG’s electric oven with an infrared grill works using a dedicated app you can install on your smartphone. Thus, allowing you to control or program it wherever you are. You can also find smart slow cookers with the same features. With its companion app on your phone, you can schedule and cook your food while you’re at work.

  1. Entertainment devices

You’ve probably heard about smart Bluetooth speakers and how convenient they are to use. You can connect them to most devices or gadgets you have – from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even your television. These speakers don’t just sound great, but some also feature voice commands and digital assistance, depending on the brand or type.

Moreover, today, there are also smart displays in the market that features interactive, bright displays and access to different online services. For instance, Google’s Next Hub Max is a hands-free smart display that lets you make video messages and calls conveniently.

  1. Security systems

Today, one of the common smart security devices is high-end cameras that feature motion tracking, integrated siren and spotlight, motion tracking, and automatic zooming. This advanced security camera is a great addition to other sophisticated home alarm systems already installed in your home. Typically designed for indoor and outdoor use, this type of camera also offers sharp resolutions and a digital assistance feature.

Apart from smart home cameras, you also now get smart doorbells that are easy to install and wireless. Most of these home devices give users access to HD video, support for voice commands, and free cloud recording. Other smart home security systems offer more features, from automatic alarms, advanced control panels and remote monitoring.

  1. Lighting solutions


house interior with lights onAnother aspect of living spaces that smart technology has taken over is lighting. With smart lighting solutions, you can control pretty much all the lights in your house using just a dedicated app and smartphone. You switch to different colors any time of the day, and some can even function in sync with the music in the room. What’s more, you can even find specialized smart bulbs that feature various tints for better and faster sleep.

The better news is, smart lights are also designed to be energy-efficient, which is perfect for homeowners who want to reduce their electricity costs while helping the environment. And yes, most smart lights can be controlled with voice commands too!

  1. Home utilities

There’s no doubt that home utilities have become safer and more efficient with integrating smart technology. We now have thermostats with voice control and various third-party support, remote monitoring of energy consumption, and more. With such devices, you can effortlessly control your heating and cooling systems using a voice command or your smartphone.

Plus, you can also find air conditioners that use your mobile device’s location services to cool down the room before you arrive. Some units can even provide energy usage reports and flexible scheduling options. These systems or units might be pretty expensive but think about the energy you can save when heating or cooling your rooms. You can save tons of money in the long run.

  1. Digital assistants

One of the most innovative improvements in technology is the introduction of digital assistants. With Siri being rolled out on iPhones, more and more digital assistants have taken over the world of smart tech. Now, there is Amazon’s Alexa that is popular for being a smart speaker that uses voice commands to control certain parts of the home. Alternatively, there’s the more accurate Google Assistant, which is accessible on different kinds of mobile devices.

These are just some smart home devices available in the market today, and there are plenty more. Despite their different features and functionalities, it’s quite clear that they are designed for one goal – to make our lives safer, more energy-efficient, and easier. If you’re not quite familiar with home automation, we suggest reading more guides to avoid mistakes when buying smart devices. They are typically expensive, so be a smart buyer!

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