Social Media Marketing Blunders You Need to Do Away With

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Many small businesses and even established brands make the mistake of thinking that social media is just about creating posts and scheduling them for posting. That is a dangerous idea, as it makes you overlook two essential aspects of the platform: interaction and insight mining. While you might have seen some guides telling you that genuineness is the key to social media success, keep in mind that the technical aspects are also supposed to be prioritized.

There are some mistakes that you might have committed in the past. But it is not too late to correct them. But first, identify the blunders that you have had. They might be one of these:

Talking to Everyone

Search engine optimization (SEO) and related digital marketing technique always tell marketers to identify first the group of audience they want to talk to. Don’t say you are targeting everyone, as will end up talking to no one. The importance of knowing your target audience is that it allows you to plan your content around them. When you know who you are talking to, you will be able to determine which tone you are going to use. Study your audience so that you will be able to understand them better and provide them with helpful and relevant content.

Using the Wrong Hashtags

If you want to extend your reach, using hashtags is one way to go. Doing so will help ensure that your brand will be part of the conversation. But be careful when using a trending hashtag, especially if it is about a particular cause; you do not want to be remembered for using a serious hashtag for humor purposes. And if you are planning to create your own hashtag, make sure that it is short, witty, and memorable—that is the type of hashtag people are willing to share.

Being Too Formal

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Cut your brand some slack and be not too formal—unless otherwise, your industry is serious, though some companies may try to be funny once in a while. But don’t’ overdo your informal persona, as you still want to be taken seriously. Try posting some jokes, memes, and relatable items. That way, your audience will see you as someone they can talk to. However, avoid off-color humor.

Not Being Responsive

Social media is all about interactions and connections. And the existence of your brand in the platform simply says that you are willing to be part of the conversations and talk to people. As much as possible, be responsive to inquiries, concerns, and praises from your fans and followers. In this case, you may need to hire a reliable team of community managers and strategists.

Change your ways now!

Social media marketing is all about being engaging, relatable, and reliable. It is your brand’s duty to accommodate the concerns of your customers regarding the product or service. Your fan page is a customer service hotline or a reception area, so as much as possible, your techniques and methodologies should be designed with the customers in mind.

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