The Key to Happy Customers Is Happy Employees

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How can you make your customers happy? This is the first thing in your mind as an entrepreneur. Should you give them discounts? Should you personalize items for them? How can you reach them better? What will make them want to return to your business? The funny thing is that you might be asking the wrong questions.

The more important question is how you can make your employees happy? If you’re already satisfied with the quality of your products and your customers are still unhappy with your company, it only means they are dissatisfied with the kind of service they receive from your employees. So, the easiest solution to this dilemma is to make your employees happy.

But how can you do that if you do not have the resources anymore? You cannot provide them with monetary perks because the pandemic hasn’t been kind to your business. You certainly cannot give them more than what the law allows since you’re not in a financial position to do so right now. Do you know that employees are not always about the money (although that’s, of course, important)?

Employees can stay with a company for a long time because they are satisfied with the culture and camaraderie they gain. More than the money, employees also think about their personal growth and well-being. As long as you’re not paying them below what you’re supposed to, workers also value the work-life balance that a company provides for them.

Do Not Overwork Them

The first on the list is not to overwork your employees. If you are making them do things that are not part of their official obligations, then you’re giving their dissatisfaction a boost. Most smaller companies cannot build in-house marketing, advertising, and IT departments. That may cause them to tap their current workforce’s potentials to do jobs that are not part of their tasks. Try to stop yourself from doing this unless they specifically volunteered for the responsibilities.

Instead of pushing your current workers to do something beyond their jobs, outsource these business services to competent companies. Almost all businesses need a managed IT support service, so this is one thing you cannot scrimp on. Marketing is also an essential part of a company. You have to squeeze in a marketing budget into your finances or you gain nothing by simply existing with no one knowing about what you do.

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Open the Gates of Communication

Employees need to feel that they are part of the company. What are the goals? What is the vision of the company? Employees will be more concerned about the company when they can feel that they are a part of the big picture. How can this be possible? It is by constant and clear communication. Hold meetings as regularly as possible. Open up to your employees about where you see your company going. What are the plans for the future? Are there new investments? If the employees know where your company is going, they are more likely to contribute to the company’s growth.

Back Your Employees Up

Ensure that you back your employees up even if some customers may come after them because of a bad experience or product. Though you should address the problems the customers raise, don’t forget to show your employees that you are with them all the way. Sometimes, even if they are at fault, you have to encourage them to learn from the experience. You cannot throw your employees under the bus whenever there is a problem with a customer. You have to show them that you’re willing to show them the way.

Provide Ample Vacation Time

While you cannot offer financial incentives, you can provide your employees more vacation time. Simply adding a week on top of the legally mandated paid vacation leave will encourage your employees to work harder. They will be more appreciative of you, too. Paid vacation time has the power to make employees happier and more satisfied. The satisfaction will reflect in their work and the way they communicate with the customers. Even amid a particularly stressful row with a customer, your employees only need to think about the nice benefits they receive from the company to handle the situation better.

Many companies make the mistake of focusing only on what makes customers happy rather than on what will make their employees satisfied with their jobs. Successful organizations know too well to place value on how their employees see themselves and the company, too. This will make these employees more eager to see the company succeed by valuing their customers.

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