The Most Advanced and Sophisticated Gadgets That Make Us Perpetual Couch Potatoes

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There had been a time when all we needed to stay comfortably seated on our couch was a remote control. But over time, the trusty remote control became reinvented as a device we can carry around anywhere, and can control anything, from our air-conditioners to our irrigation systems.

Indeed, technology today can perform anything for us that we won’t need to do as much as lift a finger. If you need to call someone on your iPhone, simply call Siri and tell it to call that person for you. Likewise, drawing the curtains open or turning on the lights can already be done by issuing a voice command to your abode’s smart home system.

But while these technological developments bring plenty of benefits and opportunities, are they really helping humanity? In terms of making our lives easier, they definitely do; no question about it. But in honing our independence, self-sufficiency, and resourcefulness, there are mixed opinions. Come to think of it, when was the last time you went about your entire day without using your smartphone?

However, whethertechnology makes us lazy or not, it won’t stop evolving, so what’s available today can get even 10x more innovative in the future. But for now, they’re already blowing our minds. Below are the most advanced and sophisticated devices that can make you a perpetual couch potato:

1. Smart Heater

Winter is approaching, so you’re probably checking on your idle heaters again to ensure that you won’t have a malfunctioning device when the season arrives. If your heating system is an old one, inspecting it for damage may take bothersome labor, not to mention a good chunk of your time. In that scenario, you may start wishing that a good old fireplace is more convenient, despite being old-fashioned.

But to people who own smart heaters, convenience, labor, and time aren’t an issue. By just pressing an app on their smartphones, they can already test their devices and control it. No need to rise from their seats to set the temperature, timer, and schedule, thanks to the remote heating control that works on a WiFi connection.

2. Book Light

This device is nothing fancy. It’s just a portable LED light that you can clip on your book to start reading in your bedroom at night, when your roommate or spouse is already asleep. But despite its simplicity, it’s actually pretty ingenious, because it stops you from going into another room to read a book comfortably. It’s also useful in planes or trains when you’re traveling at night.

3. Smart Speakers

They may be shrouded in conspiracy theories, such as the FBI secretly bugging your house, but that doesn’t stop people from going crazy about smart speakers. Amazon’s fourth-gen Echo is arguably the best-performing one at present, boasting more skills and supporting more third-party devices for its voice assistant, but Google Assistant and Alexa are near-equal competitors. Google Nest Mini, a more budget-friendly alternative to Echo, is starting to make headlines as well, though they’re of course not at par with the Echo.

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4. Robot Lawn Mower

If mowing the lawn is one of your least favorite house chores, a robot lawnmower has got your back. But you have to shell out a hefty amount for it. Ego’s $500 self-propelled push mower will give you your money’s worth, despite not being a smart device. The high price tag comes from its amazing noiseless electric engine and quick-charging (30 minutes only) batteries. You did not just enjoy slacking off while the robot mows your lawn, but you’ve also done mother nature a favor.

5. Wireless LED Light Bulbs

Another device that helps save the earth, wireless LED light bulbs eliminate the need for traditional light switches. Simply connect the lighting system to your smartphone, and turn it on and off wherever you are, even when you’re not at home. It helps you save energy given that LED lights are an environmentally-friendly find.

6. Automatic Watering System

If you also hate watering your garden in the morning, get yourself an automated watering system, which you can connect to your smartphone. Eve Aqua has a smart sprinkler controller that you can attach between your spigot and hose, allowing you to set a watering schedule from your smartphone. It also works with Siri, so if you forgot to set the schedule, simply call Siri and you’re good.

7. Eco Dish Cleaner

Washing the dishes manually can be time-consuming and water-inefficient, but not anymore, thanks to an eco dish cleaner. It uses ultrasonic waves, which ionize food particles to clean and sanitize your dishes. It also converts food residue into reusable compost for plants. You don’t just get germ-free dishes, but also healthy soil.

Without a doubt, these devices can change our lives and reinvent energy consumption. To think that they can even improve further in the years to come is just mind-boggling, but definitely fascinating and exciting all the same.

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